Our mission is to provide you with more than just a bed or accommodation. It’s about providing a unique experience in an amazing environment where you can relax, enjoy and learn.

We invite you to experience the wonderful feeling here at Villa Marine of nature, rainforest, wetlands and beach all in this one unique location and to share and assist you to experience our amazing rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.

Our Philosophy

We are not just a hotel or accommodation provider, we are a partner of people who wish to stay and experience real contact with nature. Enjoy, learn and relax in an environment where you can experience flora, fauna and diverse ecosystems, first hand on your doorstep.

We don’t have customers, we have guests whom we value and share our knowledge of local flora and fauna of the rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. We believe that all our flora and fauna is vital, all creatures large and small are highly important, these form part of our unique eco system and are integral to its health and wellbeing.

We are protective of our natural environment and replant with native species to assist our wetlands and rainforest eco system. We have been working with butterfly expert Mr Paul Wright in order to increase the number of food source plants for the Cairns Birdwing, Ulysses Butterfly and Hercules Moth as well as working with a botanist on identifying our tropical rainforest flora.

We are not a 5 star hotel, we believe a real hotel is not about the number of stars. It’s about the quality of the natural experiences a guest can have, like the number of stars you see in our clear sky. We are not just a profit business. We pay attention to nature and our environment in all senses.

Villa Marine has 9 beautiful apartments. The air is clean, fresh and unaffected by city lights and commercialism. It’s about hearing the ocean, living next door to rainforest and awakening to the sounds of tropical birds. A stay with us gives you the real essence of what Tropical North Queensland is all about.

We are not the biggest resort or the fanciest hotel. We don’t wish to be, we believe good guest service means giving a friendly and helpful personal attention backed with great local knowledge. We love what we do, we love where we live. The rainforest and reef are our passion. It is why we live here.

We are eco-friendly and believe we have an obligation back to the planet to reduce impact and greenhouse emissions and a duty of care to our rainforest environment. It is why we were one of the first in Cairns to install solar power hot water and rainwater tank. It is also why we replant native species and donate to local charities such as the Cairns Turtle Rescue Centre.

Our aboriginal culture is highly important, some of our decorations are unique indigenous artefacts and furnishings. We house original 1920s bedheads and furniture which have been restored to their former glory rather than ending up in land fill. We also feature artwork by Bernie Singleton, a local aboriginal artist.

A great holiday is about great experiences and memories. The great environment of rainforest here at Villa Marine gives you a splendid opportunity to capture wonderful memories!

Welcome to Villa Marine!