Our beach and rainforest environment allows you to select the best cheap Cairns nature accommodation or luxury accommodation options in a totally natural environment. We offer tropical rainforest next to your accommodation with nature and wildlife at your door. Kangaroos, Cairns rainforest birds and rainforest butterflies visit us. Imagine a unique tropical beach accommodation where the beach is only 50 metres away, lie in bed and listen to the sounds of the rainforest. Imagine an amazing tropical Cairns beach, where you can swim, fish, walk and unwind. You have the best of both worlds!

Our Cairns Nature

Cairns Nature
Our tropical resort is located by the rainforest and the coral sea home to The Great Barrier Reef. What is rainforest? What is the Great Barrier Reef? These two tropical rainforest environments are home to a diverse range of different species, flora and fauna.

Our Flora and Fauna

Cairns Nature
We have identified over 50 species of birds in the area please see our birdwatching list. The rainforest adjoining us is a rich habitat for many different birds please see our bird watching page for more details.

At Villa Marine you have the opportunity to see kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots, monitors, many different lizards, native frogs, bats and rainforest butterflies.

Our Rainforest

Cairns nature
The rainforest adjoining us is a living museum of flora and fauna. Here at Villa Marine we have a special pride and respect for the rainforest ecology and are pleased to share this with you and show you the rainforest and plants.

We have planted rainforest plants to assist our local wildlife. We are currently working with a renowned butterfly expert who is assisting us in replanting native species as food source plants for the Cairns birding, Ulysses butterfly and Hercules moth, the largest moth in Australia.

Our Great Barrier Reef – Cairns Nature

Cairns nature
The world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef is not just one huge reef but a collection of thousands of individual reefs.

The reef is amazing and is formed by tiny coral polyps. The coral structures provide sanctuary and homes to a huge diversity of marine life, beautiful colourful tropical fish such as the clown anemone fish, parrot fish, coral trout, butterfly fish, angelfish, goby fish, maori wrasse, red emperor and damsel fish, just to name a few as well as other amazing creatures such as sea sponges, sea anemones, nudibranch and molluscs.

Discover beautiful shells, marvel at the giant clams, crustaceans, crabs, shrimps, echinoderms, sea stars, cucumbers and sea urchins. Huge variety of different worms and then the larger marine life like skates and rays, white tipped reef sharks and different species of turtles. The Great Barrier Reef is a living museum; we love the reef and would love to share our experiences with you!

Our Unique Location

Cairns nature

The unique location of our tropical resort gives you opportunities to enjoy and learn about our amazing nature. Villa Marine faces the rainforest which is home to diverse eco systems of rainforest flora and fauna, including mammals like kangaroos, wallabies, rainforest birds, butterflies, frogs, bats and more exotic wildlife. We are situated close to other tropical environments here in the wet tropics such as the Daintree rainforest, Cape Tribulation, and The Tablelands.

Within 100m of our holiday apartments there are over 60 species of tropical plants and dozens of different species of butterflies and moths, over 70 species of rainforest birds been sighted as well as many different reptiles, mammals frogs and rainforest insects .The wetlands adjoining us are home to various species of fish, eels, tortoises and other wetlands nature.

The natural beach here at Yorkeys knob, does not have the large volumes of tourists as compared to the other Cairns beaches and is a place where you can beach comb and discover seashells, marine sea birds and on occasions spot dolphins and turtles.

Talk to local fisherman and see the array of different fish species they have caught or just enjoy the tranquility of a tropical beach without the crowds.

The pictures of tropical plants, rainforest, wildlife, nature shown here on this page have been taken by us and our guests here at Villa Marine, we hope you get the opportunity to photograph and enjoy the nature as we do. If you love wildlife this is the place to be!

Our tours and activities in Cairns nature

Cairns nature accommodation

We stock the largest range of nature tours and wildlife tours from spotlighting tours, birding tours, bird sanctuaries, crocodile tours in the wild, as well as visits to crocodile farms, butterfly sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries such as Michaelmas Cay, tropical zoos, koala sanctuary and Cairns wildlife safari reserve.

If you like to go exploring without a guide, just ask us for suggestions for a specific location. If your interest is a specific species such as tree kangaroos, rock wallabies, platypus, cassowaries or reptiles and where the latest sightings have been, just ask Peter who has extensive local contacts and knowledge about local nature.