Yorkeys Knob is a great place to live or holiday and experience the North Queensland way of life. The drive into Yorkeys Knob sets it apart from every other beach, instead of driving past houses you drive through cane fields. It feels like you are in the middle of no where, yet you are just 10 minutes away from every where.

Yorkeys Knob is quieter than the other Tourist Beaches of Palm Cove and Trinity Beach, there is no high rise here, enjoy a peaceful, relaxed lifestyle that is easy going.

One of the best things about this location is that it is hidden away yet on the door step of Cairns.

It is just 15 minutes into Cairns or to the Cairns Airport thus much closer than the other northern Beaches locations, especially ideal for the close proximately to Cairns for tours to the Reef or for general shopping.

Where did the name Yorkeys Knob come from?

Yorkeys Knob gained its name from an English man called George Lawson who lived on the hill (Knob) over looking the ocean in the early 1880s. As George Lawson was from Yorkshire in England, the locals nick name for him was Yorkey and as he lived on the knob (Hill) the location over time became affectionally known as Yorkeys Knob. George Lawson was quite a character, mainly he was a sea slug fisherman but was also fond of picking up treasures from boats that had sunk. George didn’t mind a bit of fishing with dynamite which later on resulted in him loosing half his arm.

Yorkeys Knob Beach

Yorkeys Knob beach is the longest and most natural of the Cairns Beaches great for fishing , walking beach combing and swimming. From the rock wall to Yorkeys Knob creek it is approximately 1.5 kms.

In stinger season there is a netted area with a lifeguard during the day. This is located opposite the play ground and Cafe Ten06.

Running parallel with the beach, is a paved walk way which follows an adventure equipment trail and 2 children’s playgrounds and some great barbeques.

Yorkeys Knob beach is pet friendly and you will see both locals and visitors taking their dogs for walks along the beach.

Yorkeys Knob Shops

Yorkeys Knob shops include several cafes, restaurants, a butcher, post office, hairdressers, a bakery, gym, 2 real estate agents, gift shop and even a small supermarket. The village shopping at Yorkeys is relaxed and convenient.

Amazingly not 1 but 2 Thai Restaurants (Yorkeys Thai and Bangkok Street Food) and both are popular as well as a Japanese Restaurant which is located next to Bangkok Street Food.

The cafes include: The very well known Cafe Yorkeys on Varley St, run by Tim which is very popular with locals. Down near the beach is Hidden Cafe open for breakfast and lunch also very well supported and opposite the stinger net on the esplanade is Ten06 which does a range of meals and is open most evenings as well.

One of the most popular settings is The Yorkeys Knob Boat Club which has beautiful views over the Coral Sea and over the marina, a great place to have a drink.

Yorkeys Knob Golf Course

Yorkeys Knob is blessed with a great 18 hole Golf Course popular with locals and visitors. You can hire a cart and golf clubs or bring your own. One of the great things about this golf course is that it is mixed with waterways for extra challenges. The golf course is a popular visiting place for birdwatchers to Cairns where over a 100 different species can be seen. The local Visitor Information Centre has bird lists of the Yorkeys Knob golf course.

Yorkeys Knob Tourist Information Centre

Is located at 8 Rutherford street, open 7 days a week, they have every Cairns tour and activities you can possibly experience, with a huge range of information on Yorkeys Knob, Cairns and the Region. Famous for their customer service and knowledge  they will really assist you.

Yorkeys Knob Population

Yorkeys Knob has one of the smallest populations of the Cairns’ Beaches with approximately 2,800 residents. In the 1940s there was only around 50 people living at Yorkeys knob, mostly in beach shacks along the beach front, these have disappeared and been replaced by small apartments blocks.

Yorkeys Knob Accommodation

Yorkeys knob has some very good accommodation choices to suit most budgets, from luxury bed and breakfast located on the Knob to affordable self contained accommodation. A very interesting option is the vintage Spanish mission style villas of Villa Marine, noted for their beautiful rainforest setting and eco credentials.

Villa Marine Cairns Honeymoon apartment collage