Things To Do in Yorkeys Knob

Yorkeys Knob is the most central beach of Cairns Northern Beaches located right in between Cairns and Palm Cove. Yorkeys Knob is a great beach for adventure enthusiasts and active travellers who want to escape the tourist-dense hotspots associated with many other beaches around Cairns. Yorkeys Knob attracts kite-surfers year round.

We’ve looked around in the area and made a list of the things to do in Yorkeys Knob. Our list contains recommendation, trips, tours & walks all round the area.


#1 Yorkeys Knob Boat Club

Visit Yorkeys Knob’s multi-million dollar luxurious boat club, 15 minutes from Cairns CBD and easily accessible by land or water. Enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at the picturesque cove of Marina Bay. On Sundays, enjoy a relaxing breakfast or come in the evening for live music and dancing. If your feeling lucky, give it a go on the electronic poker machines or online Jupiter Keno. There’s even a complementary daily transfer available to pick you up and safely drive you to and from our accommodation 7 days a week.










#2 Yorkeys Knob Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches north of Cairns. Calm, secluded and perfect for some peaceful walks. Our apartment is only 50 meters away from the beach where you can have a nice cooling swim. During the Box jellyfish seasons between November-May, a netted area is provided and this area is looked after during the day by Queensland’s Surf Lifesavers. Stay the afternoon with your family and use the BBQ, picnic, and playground facilities. If you want easy clean up, enjoy lunch or a cold beverage at the shops north of Sims Esplanade.



#3 Trips to the Great Barrier Reef

Get your trip a lifetime on a motor yacht to the reef. Locally owned and family operated companies, we can book any package for every budget and options from one day to three day fully catered trips. Going to islands from the Gulf of Carpentaria to the Whitsundays, there are plenty of activities other than just snorkeling or scuba diving to enjoy. Give a try at spearfishing or paddle boarding. While you’re here, the reef is a must-see. Fun Fact: The Great Barrier Reef has over 900 islands stretching for over 2,600 kilometres. So there is enough for you to explore, we promise you wont get tired of it!



#4 Kite Rite Australia

There’s been world championships held on our beaches in Yorkeys Knob. The location is ideal for kite surfing, which is why a lot of people come this way to start their kite school or take lessons. Get in touch with us to set up some of you lessons while you are around! And if you’re an avid kiter and feeling extra adventureous, we can book you a helicopter that will take you to the Islands of Upolu or Vlasoff Cay to ride the crystal clear waves surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef.



#5 Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Yorkeys Knob

Another adventurous sport which is a little more laid back. Would you like to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding? The beaches here are perfect for this sport. You can take your own board or rent one while your here, we are here to help you! Click here for more information



#6 Fishing & Golfing in Yorkeys Knob

How could you ask for a better weekend? The Half Moon Bay Marina provides you with endless hours with the family or a weekend away with friends. At the Marina, gather around the rock wall at dawn or dusk and you’re bound to catch either a mangrove jack, flathead, trevally, or even a barramundi.  After you’re satisfied with your catch of the day, top it off with a round at the Half Moon Bay Golf Club. Whether you’re a beginner or an avid player, you are sure to enjoy the most welcoming course in Cairns!


#7 Bird Watching

We can provide you with plenty of areas and locations for the finest spots to view some of Australian’s best. While you stay at Villa Marine, you can hear the sounds of various species from your private front patio. In the mornings you can enjoy your coffee with the morning doves or enjoy the laughter of the Kookaburra while you cool yourself in the pool. Click here for more information on Bird Watching in Yorkeys Knob


As you see, enough to do here in Yorkeys Knob. We have the tour office right next to our accommodation, close by the beach. Get good honest advice and a good local information on your tours here at Villa Marine.