Luxurious sleeping in Holiday Accommodation at Cairns Beaches

Luxurious rooms: our Cairns accommodation has many different sleeping options to suit your needs. We have single bed/room accommodation or twin bed accommodation for friends travelling together. For couples we have quality queen bed accommodation as well as twin bed options. Our family apartments have a variety of sleeping options to suit all the families requirements. The rainforest villa has a luxury pillow top mattress + base queen bed that is both comfortable and supportive.

Some people have a hard time having a good sleep during their vacation, often due to new sounds the new environment provides. It’s important to get an un-interrupted nights rest, especially on a trip because you need the energy to sightsee and get the most our of your tours.
At Villa Marine, the calm and quiet surroundings, as well as the sounds of wildlife outside your door alone can provoke REM sleep in almost anyone. Furthermore, we provide comfortable beds to lay your head and fresh air conditioning in every room to cool you down. We’d like to share a few tips on how to optimize your sleep during your stay with us at Villa Marine.
  1. Adjust to your new time zone prior to your trip.
  2. Wind down 1 hour before sleep with a swim in our serene pool, a warm shower, or read a book. Avoid the TV or your computer.
  3. Slip in a nap earlier in the day, avoid after 5 pm. 15-30 minutes is all you need, more than that will keep you up later that night.
  4. If you’re going to exercise, do it in the morning, because exercising creates endorphines, which are great to have keeping your going during the day, but not when you want to wind down.
  5. Watch the sunset from the beach. By watching it get dark it programs your brain, telling your body that its time to sleep.


When it is time to rest your body and mind, Villa Marine has several options for all your needs. We cater for singles, multiple travellers, families, and couples on a romantic getaway or honeymoon. We have Twin Singles, King Singles, and Queen Beds available for our guests comfort. Our Queen Bed accommodations have been recently upgraded by adding a high quality mattress topper, duck down, for even more luxurious rest.
 Villa Marine Family Apartment
We look forward to hosting you at our beautiful beachside accommodation, where we guarantee you’ll rest well, sleep well, and leave feeling refreshed! Book Now